Tiffany Witcher



Hank, Lead Writer, Eek Games  

Working with Tiffany has been nothing but the best. She crushes deadlines and she’s always willing to help with any last-minute fixes. Our whole team is thrilled to have someone we can rely on as her character only gets bigger and better. Hire this lady!

Scott Blinn-CEO of Greyborn Studios 

Tiffany has been a joy to work with! She is always professional and has taken her role as the lead voice in our game (Luna and the Moonling) very seriously. She is very dependable, takes feedback well, and delivers quality work. We have been very happy with her contributions to our game and look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Alexa Baczak-Creator of Edelweiss 

Tiffany voices the main character in my podcast, Edelweiss, and she is incredible and works with the team enthusiastically. If something needs to be re recorded, she is prompt in recording the changes. She is very busy but always has time to make sure everything is done right and that you are happy. I highly recommend casting her

Thompshire-Road To Redemption 

Tiffany got cast in a role a few months ago. It was for a gnome named Kelsey, and only recently had the opportunity to voice her, in the meantime she provided a few other voices for secondary characters, it was a pleasure working with her for this episode, and I hope it will continue to be in the episode to come! I would also add she does the recording very fast when she is available, making her very reliable!


Black Grimoire Productions 

She has a wonderful voice and takes direction incredibly well! Work with her and communicate with her and you will receive the performance you are looking for!


Fasold Games 

I have been working for some time with voice actors for my game ‘Lantern of Worlds’ and though the quality has usually been ‘okay’ to ‘good’, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I received Tiffany’s work.

She has a warm and vibrant voice, and really knows how to do the ‘Acting’ part of voice acting. She knows how to convey undertones, mood and intentions, and when to raise or lower her voice for maximum effect.

I am very happy with her work for Lantern of Worlds and I can really recommend her for any sort of voice acting work!


CaptainRose from CastingCallClub

Tiffany is an extraordinary lady who is engaged with her work. A down to earth person, charismatic and a pleasure to have onboard. She gives a great charm to this project and it shows in her performance. A must have for anyone's team.